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Angie at 3 years of age after playing in the snow - Montreal Quebec
Angie at 3 years of age after playing in the snow – Montreal Quebec

Who is Angie Sandow  and how can she inspire others?

Born with a congenital birth defect to her right forearm, Angie  quickly found a way to demonstrate that she could accomplish anything that she set her mind to or face the possibility of being cast out.

After trying several prosthetics at a very young age, Angie decided to set these aside and move forward with what she was given.

Growing up, Angie had to learn to deal with some children (and adults) calling her names, attempting to exclude her from activities in addition to pointing, staring, and laughing at her.  Angie was often bullied as a result of what she terms her uniqueness (the term “disabled” does not sit well with her).

Angie in her Boston Bruins uniform at 14 years of age

Always encouraged by her family to go after her dreams, she found ways to play lead guitar (Angie was the “Angus” in AC/DC Tribute BARE RUMP and now sings in her classic rock band LEFTY AND THE GOONS), participate in a variety of sports, have a successful career in Finance and most recently was motivated to ride a motorcycle as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis.  Waiting for the right day is not an option – that time is now!

Angie became a Contributing Writer for the Canadian motorcycle publication The Rider’s Mag and was the Team Lead for the Women In Motorcycling exhibit at the 2018 Toronto International Motorcycle Spring show.

Since then, Angie has started her own Motorcycle Blog / Blog called Just Ridin which can be accessed  by clicking here

2019 started with Angie participating at the North American International Motorcycle Supershow which was amazingly successful!  Angie was fortunate to meet Danielle Colby from American Pickers who is very inspiring in her own right

Angie believes strongly in giving back to the community and  helping others which is why she created ANGPROBLEMSOLVED which is all about sharing her tales of determination.  By doing so, she hopes that others will learn more about themselves, one another, and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Angie is also hopeful that her stories (and those of others whom she meets along the way) will allow people to not judge others based on appearance – to be more understanding and supportive of one another – in addition to being there to catch someone should they fall.

Angie can be booked at your next event / group function to share her inspirational story which will motivate others to reach for the stars.

To contact Angie, click here

Angie performing with her band LEFTY AND THE GOONS
Angie performing with her band LEFTY AND THE GOONS

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